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The backend for your next application
 is already here

Kinto is a generic JSON document store with
 sharing and synchronisation capabilities.

Don’t build silos. Own your data. Re-decentralise the Web.

It's hard for frontend developers to build applications that respect user privacy, work offline, store data remotely, and synchronise across devices. Existing solutions either rely on big corporations that crave user data, or require a non-trivial amount of time and expertise to setup a new server for every new project.

We want to help developers focus on the frontend, and we don’t want the challenge of storing user data to get in their way. The path between a new idea and deploying to production should be short!

Also, we believe data belong to the users, and not necessarily to the application authors. Applications should be decoupled from the storage location, and users should be able to choose where their personal data are stored.

The backend can often be universal, generic and reusable. We envision mutualisation of services and self-hosting: the backend is deployed, secured and scaled only once for several applications.

Kinto provides all the tools you need to get productive

Web, Native, Server — Kinto is target platform agnostic

A generic Web database

A JSON store that speaks HTTP for mobile and Web apps, games, IoT...

Quickly prototype apps

Don’t lose time with server stuff, reuse the same backend you already use elsewhere.

Apps as static files

Simply host your app on a static webserver and consume the Kinto API from there.

Offline-first applications

Data can be stored locally and published later when back online.

Build collaborative applications

With real time updates and fine-grained permissions.

Synchronise application data

Retrieve remote changes, identify and solve conflicts across different devices.

Content delivery

Manage remote content or configuration for your apps via an administration UI.

Data collection

Easily collect structured data from surveys, forms, analytics.

Store encrypted data

At a location users can control, ensuring better privacy and security.

If you know HTTP, you know Kinto

Read the Tutorial
curl \
  -X POST \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -u username:password \
  -d '{ "data": { "saying": "If you know HTTP, you know Kinto!" } }' \

Batteries included

Kinto works out the box, providing most of what any application needs to store and consume data.

Pluggable by design

If something is missing, an extensible architecture and many existing plugins probably provide what you need.

A growing ecosystem of tools and SDKs

Screenshot of Kinto web admin

A full featured Web Admin makes managing your data a breeze.

Sample Kinto JavaScript code

Kinto.js brings an offline-first Kinto experience to the browser.

Sample Kinto python code

Python and JavaScript clients expose convenient APIs to operate Kinto servers.